The NHSTFXCCA began many years ago as the National Senate of High School Track Coaches.  After creating the initial Constitution at the Wisconsin clinic around 2000 with tremendous guidance and foresight from coaches such as Spencer Sielschott (New Mexico), Jack Sands (Texas), Wayne Clark (Ohio), Mark Hoffman (Wisconsin), an organized body of coaches was founded with the goal of connecting all state track & field and cross country coaches associations with each other to assist with clinics, potential clinicians, and having a seat at the table with national governing bodies such as the NFHS, USATF and USTFCCCA regarding rules and awards. These pioneering coaches and many others representing Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and numerous other states helped lead the way into where we are today.

In 2022 after the election of Matt Henson, president of the GATFXCCA, the National Senate was re-branded and the National High School Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association was born.  JP Weaver, also of Georgia and an invaluable asset to the GATFXCCA, was appointed as Vice President of Operations (formerly secretary) by Coach Henson, to help lead a national campaign to promote the NHSTFXCCA.  Paul Baur and Jim Griffin, both coaches from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, spent countless hours for many years on the concept of an All-American program. When the Georgia and Florida contingency met in Phoenix at the USTFCCCA Convention in 2016 and combined efforts along with Ohio and several other state association representatives, Coach Baur's vision of the first scholastic All-American TFXC program in history emerged and is finally coming to fruition in the spring of 2024.

In 2024 during the election at the USTFCCCA Convention in Denver, two vice president positions were added to the executive positions to assist--Vice President of Cross Country (Bryon Graun of Wisconsin) and Vice President of Track & Field (Paul Baur of Florida) were elected.

The NHSTFXCCA will begin holding quarterly meetings in March of 2024 open to anyone wishing to participate by video conference.  In order to be added to the agenda, requests will need to be submitted and approved by a designated date so that the meetings can be efficient and timely.

Quarterly meetings began in March of 2024.  Look for the 2nd meeting coming in July!  More info will be available soon.