Article I: Name

The name of the organization shall be the National Senate of High School Track Coaches Association.

Article II: Purpose

1. To promote the development and maintenance of state high school/middle school track coaches 

2. To create an organization through which we can maintain lines of communication with National,
    State, and local authority.

3. To have associations share organizational structures.

4. To have state associations share coaches clinic organization.

5. Create direct line of communication to provide coaches education opportunities (USTFCCCA
    Convention, USTFCCCA Track & Field Academy, USATF Coaches Education, etc.) to the states.

6. Generate lists of potential guest speakers at all levels to enhance state clinics.

7. Generate lists of potential consultants to aid them process of association and clinic development.

8. Create a forum to discuss issues and trends relevant to the sport of track & field and cross country 
    including but not limited to:

A. Rules and regulations

B. Physical Education initiatives

C. Meet information

D. Learn-by-doing clinics

E. Systems of awards and recognition at the state level

9. Develop a camaraderie that will bring coaches together to actively solve problems and form
    positive relationships.

10. Develop a vehicle to honor and perpetuate the traditions and heroes of coaching and/or significant
      contributors in track and field and cross country at the scholastic level. (amended Dec. 2023)

Article III: Membership

Membership in the NHSTFXCCA shall be open to all state high school/middle school track & field and cross country coaches associations at NO charge (amended Dec. 2023). This includes associations whose state association encompasses multiple sports. Annual memberships extend from USTFCCCA convention to USTFCCCA convention, or December to December (amended 2023).

Article IV: Officers

President, Vice President of Cross Country and Vice President of Track & Field are elected positions (amended Dec. 2024). The Vice President of Operations (formerly Executive Secretary) is an appointed position (by the President). These positions are volunteer positions. This election will be held at the USTFCCCA Convention. The President shall be a president or duly recognized representative of a state track/cross country coaches association. The President and Vice Presidents shall serve a term of two years.
The President (formerly known as Chairman) is empowered to:

1. Select Vice President of Operations (formerly Executive Secretary).

2. Organize and chair national meeting at the USTFCCCA Annual Convention.

3. Serve as or appoint liaison with USATF.

4. Oversee Vice Presidents and other operational staff.

5. Handle all financial matters dealing with NHSTFXCCA business.

The Vice President of Operations (formerly Executive Secretary) is empowered to:

1. Work toward completion of NHSTFXCCA action items.

2. Serve as liaison for national website/webmaster.

3. Delegate additional volunteer operational staff as needed to complete action items.

4. Serve as recorder of the minutes at the annual meeting.

The Vice Presidents of Track & Field and Cross Country are empowered to:

1. Work toward completion of NHSTFXCCA action items related but not limited to their respective
        sports and seasons.

2. Delegate additional volunteer operational staff as needed to complete action items.

4. Chair the All-American Standards Committee for their area(s).

Article V: Meetings

The annual business meeting shall be held during the USTFCCCA Convention. The purpose of this meeting will be to conduct business of the NHSTFXCCA. All member associations and potential new member associations shall try and send their President or a duly recognized representative to act as liaison to attend the national meeting.

Article VI: Voting

A majority of the NHSTFXCCA membership shall constitute a quorum. Amendments to or revisions of this constitution may be made by a majority of the members present and voting at the annual business meeting. Each member association shall have one vote.